Tourist Attractions Near Devbag Tarkarli

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort, situated about half a mile from Malvan beach – is not only proud of the Malvan or Sindhudurg district but also the pride of Maharashtra. When we see this fort, we feel the ancient time of Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji Maharaj established this fort in 1664 AD. They remained at the place of their army camp. Maharaj chose the island of Kurte to build this fort. The entrance of fort  is not visible from outside. Maruti temple, Jarimarimari temple and Shri Shivrajeshwar’s temple is there inside fort. The most important gun-layers are still visible today. There was a coconut tree having two branches but because stormy wind its broken down. On June 21, 2010, Indian government has been declared as ‘National Protected Monument of Maharashtra’.

There are boats available to reach Sindhudurg fort from Malvan Jetty. Rickshaws and private Cars are available to travel from Devbag to Malvan Jetty via Tarkarli.

Jay Ganesh Temple

This temple located in Medha, Malvan. Jyotishcharya Shri. Jayant Salgaonkar built this temple. There is a golden statue of Shri Ganesha with statue of Riddhi – Siddhi. According to the information given by the people of the village, it is considered as Makar sankranti is auspicious day because on that day, the sun rays are falling directly on the feet of Ganesha idol. On the wall of the temple, there are eight different moons of Ganesha. The beauty of the temple has been added due to its nice color theme.  Rickshaw or private car can be hire to go to these temples.

Jay Ganesh Place
Aanganwadi Temple

Aanganwadi Temple

Aanganwadi is 10 km from the city of Malvan, well known for the shrine of devotees. Here is a beautiful temple of Shri Bharadi Devi, which is known for its devotion. Anganewadi comes in Masure village. Every year, in the month of February, around 20 lacs devoters visit the “Anganwadi Fair”. Angnewadi is also known as Konkan’s Pandharpur. Private car and rikshaw services are available from ST Depot/Malvan.

Kunkeshwar Temple

This is the oldest ancient temple in Konkan. Built on a secluded beach of Devgad. This temple is surrounded by a long stretched coastline. One can see Shivshalinga in the premises of temple. Seeing the sun at the beach near the temple at sunset, you will see the scenery that makes you feel happy. A calm atmosphere and noise of the sea waves creates a different feel. It is 45 km from Malvan. There are private vehicles and buses available to reach to this temple.

kunkeshwar Temple
Rock Garden

Rock Garden

The Rock Garden situated on the seashore of  Malvan. It is advised to visit in the evening for beautiful sunset. Rickshaw can be taken from Malvan.

Tsunami Island

There is a island created by Tsunami in Devbagh. It is today famous as Tsunami Island. The boat can be reached in 20 minutes from Deobag. You can see Seagull Island and Dolphin while riding by boat. Water sports like Banana Right, Bumper Ride, Para Sailing, Boating, Jet Ski Hope, and many more are available at Tsunami Island.

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